Atom and Juno problem after the installation : I can't run my files

I just installed Julia, Atom, and Juno.
When I am trying to write a code, I have this error : “Warning: Atom.jl: unrecognised message ismodule”.
I really don’t know what’s the probleme, and I didn’t found any topics that speak of this error.
Does someone can help me ? :slight_smile:
Thank you !

Edit : in fact now when I click on “run all”, nothing happends.

Your file is a js one (javascript) ! Try to call it xxx.jl (i.e. julia file)

Yes this file was not the good one !
But I still have this problem with a .jl file.

Hi and welcome! Please avoid posting screenshots
Did you follow the instructions in?:
Try saving your file first. Julia with Atom will not print any results in the console unless you tell it to (with println for example). Maybe you come from Matlab where that is the typical behavior.
You can evaluate lines in your file (or blocks of code) with Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Enter.
If you want to run you file directly from the REPL you can use: include("myfile.jl")
Please also keep in mind that it’s best to avoid large scripts (again, Matlab style), and instead pack you code into useful functions. This helps for reusability and performance.

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In fact it’s ok, now it’s working :

Bonjour Julie en stage de M2 à l’ENS Lyon ! Ah le confinement :frowning:

Suivez les conseils du post précédent : évaluez vos expressions avec Ctrl+Enter. En général le panneau du bas (REPL) ne sert pas à grand-chose.

Je suis confiné comme tout le monde, et je peux vous servir de tuteur pour vos débuts. Dans ce cas changez peut-être le titre de cette conversation.

Bonne chance pour la suite !

Proper Running in Julia with Juno IDE

  1. write the code and save it *.jl
  2. would you like stop or Start Julia using left side buttons, don’t forget the cursor in *.jl code files
  3. The same condition for Ctrl+Shift+Enter also
  4. println() only display output in REPL Window, it doesn’t like MATLAB ‘;’