Juno from JuliaPro failing to launch correctly on Ubuntu 16.04 bash shell

I recently installed JunoPro version on Ubuntu 16.04. The Julia REPL seems to be working fine from bash shell. However, launching Juno from bash shell on a terminal per the instructions for Linux,
$ cd <juliapro>/JuliaPro- $ ./Juno, lead to the following messages on bash shell -

bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device bash: no job control in this shell

Additionally, somehow the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable is being read and the following expression’s value together with the following error message is printed out on the terminal - :${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}: No such file or directory .

On trying to start REPL inside Juno, the following error messages come up -
Starting Julia... execvp(3) failed.: No such file or directory Julia has exited. Press Enter to start a new session.

Does anyone know how to resolve the above error messages?