Atom + Juno -- package Plots doesn't work

Package Plots works fine directly in Julia 1.0.

However, it doesn’t work well when I tried in Atom + Juno. See below.

It might be because your Julia version is old (you said 1.0 right?) I just tried with Atom 1.47.0 and Julia 1.42 and it works well, at least on Windows 10.

Julia Version 1.0.5 (2019-09-09) and Atom 1.46.0 ---- there are what I used.

However, as I mentioned, it worked well directly in Julia 1.0.5, but didn’t work in Atom+Juno with Julia 1.0.5, so it probably is not because Julia is old but a compatibility issue?

There is a known bug with Juno and Julia 1.0, see [ANN] Juno 0.12 - #80 by j2b2. You have to update Julia.