Arpeggeo® Technologies

I’m super excited to announce Arpeggeo®, the tech company I’ve founded after years of academic work to bridge industrial challenges in mining, energy and agriculture with our state-of-the-art GeoStats.jl technology.

We are filling up our agenda of projects with industry partners for the next months, and should be hiring soon. If you are passionate about Julia, geospatial technology, and machine learning, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for future job opportunities:

For software engineering and geodata scientist positions, we will run a pre-selection process where applicants will be filtered based on their contributions to open-source Julia packages. If you would like to be considered for these positions, I recommend going to the main GeoStats.jl repository to learn more about the project organization. Your chances of getting noticed will increase if you submit PRs to open issues on any of its submodules.

I would like to take this opportunity to explicitly state our full commitment to open-source as a company. Nothing changes with respect to the packages the community uses and loves. They will just be developed in a much faster pace now with a dedicated team of talents.

Júlio Hoffimann
Chief Executive Officer
Arpeggeo® Technologies


Cool, that you are going to further develop the GeoStats.jl ecosystem with even more manpower.
Good luck for your company.

On your company website the links to the ExtremeStats.jl and Coda.jl packages are broken.


Thank you Felix! The links will be fixed soon.



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Thanks Julio for sharing your startup! I’m also a Stanford alum (electrical engineering) and developer of EquivariantOperators.jl. I can add value in machine learning spatiotemporal dynamics from time lapse images, for example hydrology, agricultural or medium range weather forecasting from remote sensing data. Happy to chat if there’re areas of collaboration.