[ANN] GeoStats.jl v0.10

I am happy to release GeoStats.jl v0.10, an open-source framework for high-performance geostatistics.

This release comes with some new exciting features including integration with the MLJ.jl framework for statistical learning, faster variography routines, new spatial operations such as spatial statistical summaries, spatial partitioning methods and spatial weighting methods.

Check the updated user guide on geostatistical learning: https://juliohm.github.io/GeoStats.jl/stable/userguide/


Thank you! I love to see Julia’s geo capabilities maturing :slight_smile:

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Júlio, thank you so much for this package. It has become a valuable tool for a lot of my work and I’ve learned a lot about geostatistics using it. Keep up the great work! Hopefully I can contribute some day.

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That is great to hear @PaulMatlashewski! I am glad the package is being useful to you. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you would like to contribute tutorials in GeoStatsTutorials.

Thank you @evanfields! A lot of work to do still :slight_smile: Contributions are very welcome!


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The work here is much appreciated!
Looked at the tutorial notebooks a while back, and some related topics that build on this such as ExtremeStats. The JuliaGeo ecosystem has been putting out some nice developments of late!

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Thank you @pontus, the ExtremeStats.jl package needs more attention. I am too busy building the infrastructure around spatial stats first, but hopefully I will be able to come back to other projects. This development is mainly research-driven.

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