Category for ANN: publications

TLDR I want to know what my favorite package authors are writing up these days

Julia users are often working on new and exciting ways to apply computation to problems. Sometimes this stuff ends up as packages, and I enjoy skimming through the package announcements and seeing how people in the community are tackling problems, even if they are far away from my topic area. However, some projects may involve overly specific code, or code may not be publically released. In scientific computing and numerical analysis, many new results end up as a peer-reviewed journal or conference paper, and this is a very different kind of product than a package.

I’m still curious what people in the Julia community are up to, even if the code is not in a new package. Journal/conference papers give a very different view of code, often with field-specific context. And presumably, package authors are using their existing packages to learn new things – I’d love to hear about that!

There is the publications page, but I imagine there are more works published even by people on this Discourse than are listed on that page. Having the author of the work available in the thread might be useful, and it’d be comparable to attending talks that are outside of your subfield (with a great selection function: the set of authors who use Julia). Maybe having a Discourse category for this would be useful?