Arch D Robison will join us as a JuliaCon 2019 keynote speaker!


We are pleased to announce that Arch D Robison, Principal Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA, will deliver a keynote address at JuliaCon 2019. At NVIDIA Arch works on TensorRT, NVIDIA’s platform for high-performance deep-learning inference. In the past he was the lead developer for KAI C++, original architect of Intel Threading Building Blocks, and an author of the book “Structured Parallel Programming: Patterns for Efficient Computation”. But wait, there is more! Arch has also made contributions to Julia! Among other things type-based alias analysis and vectorisation support, including the first SIMD implementation dating back to the Julia 0.3 release. He also gave a previous JuliaCon talk on how he used Julia to generate efficient X86 assembly code for his video game “Frequon Invaders” that went on to win 2nd place in Al Zimmermann’s contest “Delacorte Numbers”. He holds 21 patents in his name and has an impressive Erdős number of three.

Visit the JuliaCon 2019 homepage for more information about Arch and up-to-date information on this year’s JuliaCon!

On behalf of the JuliaCon 2019 organising committee,
Pontus Stenetorp and Jane Herriman
Executive Chair and Vice-Chair