Any reason holds Julia from having a proper Pochhammer function?


Overflow? Inaccuracy?


Nobody has needed it and so nobody has implemented it yet? This would be useful for the Combinatorics.jl package. Why don’t you try making a pull request?


I see. Thanks for the encouragement. But I’m just a beginner and dare not write any thing for Julia or any libraries for serious use. :sweat_smile:


It would be a pretty good introduction to how go about contributing, actually!


Good point. I’ll start to work on it though slowly and issue a pull request when ready. Irresistible to make my own contribution to Julia…


You can find an implementation in FastTransforms.jl:


Thanks! Is this something that we can add to Base? I think people would be reluctant to load a whole package just for using a (simple) function.


All the special functions in Base have been moved to SpecialFunctions.jl, so it could be moved there


SpecialFunctions is not the right place for an integer only function, though of course you could extend it via the Gamma function.


It’s easy to add a fallback that calls lgamma (Need to use lgamma Instead of gamma to avoid overflow)