[ANN] EllipticFunctions.jl

I have soon finished the first version of Jacobi.jl: Jacobi theta functions and related functions. I still have to implement the Weierstrass sigma-function and the Weierstrass zeta-function, and the first version will be done.

The package also includes a couple of elliptic integrals, because they are needed for other functions, and in the Elliptic package they are not available for complex values of the variable (I don’t know why because there’s a simple implementation).


Thanks for the package! I’ll be taking a look to see if there are any easy performance/correctness improvements.


Thanks. Do not hesitate to criticize my code. I’m not a Julia expert.

Pr made. Overall, the code looks pretty good!


Thanks. Are you sure that the Julia mod function is the same as “my” modulo function? Mine can take negative values, it mimics the Fortran function. Anyway I will test.

No. Look:

julia> modulo(-2.5, 1)

julia> mod(-2.5, 1)

Looks like it suffices to transport the sign:

julia> mod(-2.5, -1)

Is your modulo equivalent to rem then?

Ah yes, that seems right. Thanks.

Package has been renamed EllipticFunctions.jl.

I’ll update the title of the announcement accordingly. :slight_smile: