Any Human Brain Project members that (would like to) use Julia?

I am involved in some activities of the Human Brain Project (HBP) [1] working at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre and have unfortunately not yet encountered any Julia users within this huge project. I would like to help any efforts with Julia within this project to grow. So, if you are part of HBP (or you are a Neuroscientist who would like to become part of HBP somehow) and (would like to) use Julia, please let me know and let’s discuss!

For those who are not familiar with the Human Brain Project:
The 10-years project’s total funding is estimated to over 1 billion euro [2] and directly employs some 500 scientists at more than 100 universities, teaching hospitals and research centres across Europe [3].



I am part of the HBP SP4 in SGA2. Unsure on whether I will be in SGA3. I am slowly transitioning to Julia.

Michele Giugliano

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I’m not part of the HBP, but from what I understand it’s pretty vast in its scope. My research is focused on using neuroinformatics to understand cognition (mostly neurodevelopmental psychopathology). I recently started this It looks pretty barren right now. However, last week we got a critical (and large) PR into JuliaImages that’s important for the next step in this. Right now I’m ironing out the details of metadata and hopefully will have another PR this next week.

I’m hoping that JuliaNeuroscience can be a central place for neuroscience specific code in Julia. Although this initial package is focused on a central API/syntax for interacting with neuroscience related data, I think database related packages would be an important addition (e.g., accessing certain databases). For example, I have some (very basic) code I’m working on for accessing the NDA Swagger API.

Thanks @mgiugliano and @Zach_Christensen for your replies! I will contact you offline for individual discussions.

I am not part of the Human Brain Project but do electrophysiology, network calcium imaging and single cell transcriptomics of neural circuits in rodents. Would love to get involved since I think Julia is a perfect fit for many computational challengers neuroscientists face :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the message @rveltz ! I am in vacation and will write you next week… :slightly_smiling_face: