Any (Computational) Neuroscientist Julia user here?



I am the local organiser of this year annual conference of the Organisation for Computational Neuroscience - CNS2017 ( to be held in July 2017 in Antwerpen (Belgium). We expect ~700 participants from all around the world.

Any (Computational) Neuroscientist around, “proficiently” using Julia - besides me who I am still learning ? We might organise together a hands-on tutorial on Julia in Comp Neurosci.

Get in touch if interested: and sorry for the spam.


You might want to get in touch with Alex Williams. I don’t know if he’s on the Discourse, but he (used to) frequent the Gitter, and he’s active on Twitter. He’s a computational neuroscientist who’s written a few really good packages.


Unfortunately we don’t have any neuroscientists among us, but we are a company ( filled with Julia programmers based in Antwerpen :wink: (I’ll be flying there tomorrow).


Maybe I will send my CV to you as soon as I get confident with PyPlot :wink:


Also He presented at the last Juliacon


our lab uses Julia a lot to reconstruct neurons. There are a few open source Julia repos.


Oh, and how can we forget this neuroscientist?


Robert Luke has done quite a bit of work on his EEG package. It also looks like he’s based in Belgium.


Thinking about getting more of a Julia Neuroscience community built-up too. Check out!


our lab used Julia a lot:

Basically, we do 3D neuron reconstruction based on Electronic Microscopy images.