Any good online resource to learn SQL?

Hello all,

I have a simple and off-topic question. This platform has been very useful for me to overcome the challenges in my Julia projects. That is why I wanted to ask this question here. If you think that my question does not fit here, you can remove.

My questions is: Could you please recommend me online courses/resources to learn SQL? I am very familiar with Python, Julia, R, Matlab, C#, and other tools, but I have no idea about SQL. What would you recommend me? I would prefer a free course/resource, but if you think that resources which require payment are much better organized and more helpful, I am willing to pay as well.

I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

Kind regards

SQLBolt is very nice for getting started with SQL concepts and for trying them out interactively in the browser itself.

You might consider this:

It’s “for ecologists” only in the sense that the examples use an ecology dataset, but really it’s for anyone, with no assumed background in databases.