Opinion about the different courses and tutorials on Julia?

Have you tried this courses?

  • Julia Scientific Programming course at coursera.
  • Julia Track course at Exercism.
  • Other?

Or tutorials such as

  • ThinkJulia.jl
  • A Deep Introduction to Julia for Data Science
  • The-Julia-Express
  • Julia official docs.

What’s the degree of difficulty of each course or tutorial?
How much do they cover?
What do you like or dislike about them?

I’m looking for something mid-level for somebody new to Julia (only tried a few days) but with experience with R, Fortran, Matlab and some C++.
I’m looking for something clear with some examples, maybe interactive. Applied to statistics, science or engineering, not to economics.
And if possible covering not only the base but also some important packages to query and analyze data and plots.

In general I don’t like videotutorials because they tend to be slow and it’s difficult to quickly scroll/rewind to a given position. I think they make sense to learn graphical tools.

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Everything you need is on this page https://juliadocs.github.io/Julia-Cheat-Sheet/.

The https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Introducing_Julia is a very good start.

You can find all of this here https://julialang.org/learning/.

Don’t forget to read the https://docs.julialang.org/en/v1/manual/performance-tips/#man-performance-tips-1.

I would recommend you to start rewriting in pure Julia some part of the code you did or understand in R\Fortran\Matlab\C++.

It is very hard to choose for you as it really depend what you wanna do with Julia and you skill-set in Math/science/programming.

If you know what you wanna do , find a package related to this matter and try to understand the code within, use all the internet/tutorial/docs available (search and ctrl-f are your friends).


I forgot to say I studied physics, then I worked as a data analyst (and other engineering tasks) and now I’m doing a PhD on biostatistics and big data.

https://julialang.org/learning/ is the place from where I’ve selected the list.