Is there anyone that is an expert in SQL?

I was trying to use PostgresSQL in an accounting program, but I couldn’t get it to load. I want to know the best options for relational databases, and how to integrate them into my code.

Are you offering compensation?

I haven’t decided. What would you think is reasonable?

One platform says its users charge USD 40-200/hr How much do sessions cost? - Codementor Support. I know some postgresql experts whose rates are higher.

OK, thanks $40 is expected, I’ll have to think about how high I’m willing to go, but I’ll definatly give this a look.

In any case, as this is not a Julia-related question it’s not really appropriate for this site. You could try, which is intended for this kind of question and answer and doesn’t have the constraint of questions being Julia-related. There are also job boards where you could look for SQL experts for hire.

OK, thanks.

The Offtopic category is supposed to be about

“Topics that are not about Julia or do not fit in any other category.”

Shouldn’t then be described as “Julia related Topics that do not fit in any other category”?

I’m asking because I see topics in this category that have nothing to do with Julia and I wonder whether warnings should be given to them as well.

Yes, I moved the post to the Offtopic category. It was originally in the Jobs category.