[ANN] Turf.jl: a port of the Turf.js library

Hello everyone,
I’m pleased to announce that Turf.jl is an officially registered package and available now to use!

If you want to check it out, Turf.jl is on GitHub!

Turf.jl is a port of the Turf.js library, a geospatial engine written in JavaScript. It can interact with any kind of geographic data, as long as it is compliant with the GeoJSON specification.
Turf.jl is built upon the GeoJSON.jl and GeoInterface.jl modules.

It is still under development, since it’s still missing documentation and also some of Turf.js functionalities.

This package aims to add more depth enriching the geo-spatial modules currently available in Julia, as well as giving some more tools to interact with spatial data in a nice and fairly simple way.
I would be happy to listen to the community and adapt the package to their needs adding new functionalities!


Turf v0.2.0 is now out!

Some notable features:

  • Documentation with examples (more are coming…)
  • simplify function to simplify any given Geometry
  • overlap function to test whether two Geometries overlap
  • clean to remove redundant coordinates from any Geometry/Feature

To learn more about this update, take a look at the Changelog and at the Turf Github repo. Thanks!

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