[ANN] SatelliteToolbox.jl v0.11

Hi everyone!

I tagged v0.11 of SatelliteToolbox.jl. This version provides the biggest modification in the ecosystem since its launch. Now that Amazonia-1 is working perfectly, I had a time window to perform breaking changes. Hence, I decided to almost fully rewrite the package.

The oldest request (Consider breaking out components? · Issue #1 · JuliaSpace/SatelliteToolbox.jl · GitHub) by @crbinz was to split the package into smaller ones. Recently, I reached a problem that my RaspberryPi could not compile SatelliteToolbox.jl due to lack of RAM. Hence, I decided that it is time to make smaller package with containerized applications since one of my goals is to embed satellite control algorithms using Julia.

We now have ten packages in the SatelliteToolbox.jl ecosystem:

All the previous functionality exists but I highly break the API. This package started in 2014 and my knowledge about Julia was very poor. I hope the new API is more consistent and cleaner :slight_smile: Sorry for those changes!

My goal is to let it work for some time and then tag SatelliteToolbox.jl v1.0. Hence, if anyone has some idea to improve the API, please, let me know!