[ANN] Pastebin.jl: A Julia wrapper around the Pastebin API

Hi all, I’m registering Pastebin.jl, a simple wrapper around the Pastebin API (https://github.com/cossio/Pastebin.jl).

See the docs: Home · Pastebin.jl.

It is based on https://github.com/molnarmark/Pastebin.jl, which had not been updated for some time.
I forked this repo (with permission from the original author) and made it compatible with Julia 1.

A use case I have in mind is to store separate long logs generated from CI runs and have them accessible in Pastebin by key. For example in docs, to avoid things like this: https://cossio.github.io/RestrictedBoltzmannMachines.jl/stable/literate/MNIST/MNIST/#Parameter-initialization.

I thought this could be useful in general so I went on and registered it.

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