[ANN] Pasteee.jl: Julia wrapper for Paste.ee

Hi again, I’m now registering Pasteee.jl, a simple Julia wrapper around the Paste.ee API:

It is registered. See the docs here: Home · Pasteee.jl.

Paste.ee is a Pastebin alternative which seems more friendly for programmatic usage.
Actually, I am also registering https://github.com/cossio/Pastebin.jl. But while querying Pastebin I hit some of their limitations (e.g. 10 pastes / day for guest accounts), which Paste.ee doesn’t have. Hence this package.


Is this better than github gists?

I don’t know, I have not used any gists API. Have you? I was thinking of trying https://github.com/JuliaWeb/GitHub.jl