ANN: LightGraphs v0.9.0 - now even lighter!



Hi all,

On the heels of v0.8.0, I’m pleased to announce the release of LightGraphs v0.9.0. This version reduces the number of dependencies required to install LightGraphs from 29 to 7.

We accomplished this by moving most graph loading/saving methods into a separate package called GraphIO. We’ve kept the LightGraphs native file format since it’s good to have a basic way to save and load graphs, but if you’re looking to use some other common format, please check out GraphIO.

In addition, thanks to @jgoldfar, we have a new cycle detection algorithm that’s been included in this release.

As usual, shout out to @jpfairbanks, @juliohm, and @tkelman for their assistance in getting this release ready.

Also special thanks to @mauro3 for some excellent work with SimpleTraits.

Heads up: we will be tweaking dependency versions as the authors release new versions for Julia 0.6.


Excellent work!!