ANN: LightGraphs 1.3.2 - the release we hoped we wouldn't have to make

Hi all,

Due to a particularly nasty bug that turns out to have been present in pretty much every version of LightGraphs ever, I’ve created a new patch release on the 1.3 version track. We’re now up to 1.3.2 and this should be safe to upgrade to with no breaking effects. I had secretly hoped that I wouldn’t have to touch the 1.3 version any more, but this one warranted a fix.

The fix has been applied to master as well, so if you’re following what we’re doing for version 2.0, you’ll be protected against this integer overflow issue.

We are still on track to release LightGraphs 2.0 later this summer. 2.0 represents a major overhaul of the LightGraphs codebase and API, and will require some extensive changes to libraries and other code using LightGraphs. Fortunately, we’ve been hard at work creating a version that includes deprecation warnings. The “with-deprecation” version will require a manual update when it’s ready. If you use LightGraphs and want to get a head start on migrating your code to use LG2.0, and you have a decent threshold for frustration and pain, feel free to use the master branch of LightGraphs. This is where we’re building the new “with-deprecation” version, so your existing code shouldn’t break (if it does, file an issue), but you will get lots of deprecation warnings.

As always, please file issues if you run into problems, and thanks for your support of LightGraphs.


Just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to 2.0. LightGraphs is amazing and one of the main reasons I want to transition more and more to Julia. Thanks for the great work!