ANN: GraphIO.jl and upcoming LightGraphs developments

Hi all,

For those of you who use LightGraphs.jl, I am pleased to announce that we have registered v0.0.1 of GraphIO.jl which will become the primary repository for methods dealing with reading and writing LightGraphs (and we hope other graphs as well).

Right now, GraphIO will only work with a specific branch of LightGraphs, but in the next few days we will be releasing v0.9.0 of LightGraphs which will remove all but the native graph I/O format. Starting with LG v0.9.0, users who need to read/write from any of the other data formats (Graph6, GML, GEXF, GraphML, DOT, or Pajek NET) will need to add GraphIO to their list of dependencies.

I’ll make another announcement once LG v0.9.0 is tagged. In the meantime, if you have a graph package that could benefit from any of these file formats, please feel free to get in touch via the issues page - we’d like this to be a general package for reading and writing various graph file formats.

edited to add: For those who might be curious as to why we’re making this change: by splitting out all but one of the graph formats into a separate package, we’ve reduced the number of packages that LightGraphs requires from 29 to 7.