ANN: JuliaPro released

I’m pleased to announce Julia Computing’s JuliaPro release, available (as usual) at the JuliaPro downloads page. This is the first version of JuliaPro supporting and shipping with Julia 0.6. Also updated in this release:

  • Atom has been updated to the latest version (1.18.0)
  • All Atom packages have been updated to their latest stable versions
  • All bundled Julia packages have been updated for Julia 0.6

The following Julia packages have been added:

  1. IndexedTables
  2. NamedTuples
  3. TextParse
  4. Dagger
  5. Glob
  6. PooledArrays

In the interest of getting this release out in as timely a fashion as possible, this release unfortunately does not include Gallium or MXNet. Updating both of these packages for Julia 0.6 is in progress and they will be included in the next release of JuliaPro.