Schedule for JuliaPro 0.7 / 1.0

Hi folks,
I’m preparing a short introductory course on Julia for some undergrad students at the beginning of October. Just wanted to know when version 0.7/1.0 of JuliaPro will be out. Will there even be a JuliaPro 0.7? This would be great so I could avoid unforeseen compatibility issues with older packages.


I was told it will take some time.
They are waiting until all packages of JuliaPro are 1.x compatible.

I’m also waiting for JulaiPro 1.x MKL Flavor to start experimenting with it.


To elaborate on what RoyiAvital wrote, six days ago Viral Shah wrote that it would “probably be a few more weeks”.

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me too.

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Any news?


Bump - any news on the JuliaPro => 0.7/1.0 schedule would be appreciated…

Probably a lot of JuliaPro supported packages not upgraded yet.

but a small good news: JuMP.jl ( JuliaPro - supported Julia packages )

It looks like JuliaPro 1.0 is now out.

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Yes, it is, thanks Tim.

One point to note is that temporarily our registration process has removed the ability to register using an email/password combination. This is in the works, but was delayed a bit, and we did not want to hold JuliaPro any longer.

This work is towards combining the accounts for JuliaPro and Juliabox. Therefore, Juliabox will also get username/password auth very soon as part of this effort.

We also now ask you to sign in for package downloads. This will allow us to provide private JuliaComputing packages to JuliaPro users for free. As a first step, JuliaInXL will be added into the JuliaPro registry very soon.




Hi Avik,

JuliaPro has been great for me so far! Is the plan still to have JuliaInXL available to the free-tier JuliaPro users? I’m a bit behind ( but I wasn’t able to install it using the add command.

(JuliaPro_v1.0.1.1) pkg> add JuliaInXL
  Updating registry at `C:\Users\op\AppData\Local\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\registries\JuliaPro`
  Updating git-repo ``
ERROR: The following package names could not be resolved:
 * JuliaInXL (not found in project, manifest or registry)
Please specify by known `name=uuid`.


We haven’t released JuliainXL for 1.0 yet. The code is ported, but we need to make it easier to install.

It will to be available for free users. Should be released soon.



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Great! Thanks for the update and all the work to make Julia easy to use for non-developers. I have high hopes that JuliaInXL (and JuliaFin) will go a long way towards killing off unwieldy financial modeling spreadsheets for good!

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Probably not in the short term. JuliaInXL depends on a VBA+C# app, and I’m not sure how those will work on a Mac.