[ANN] Emacs Linter for Julia


Finally there is a Julia linter for Emacs.

Because it is my first elisp project it still has a lot of rough edges and feedback/help is appreciated, bug reports on github.

Installation from MELPA or MELPA stable, the package name is flycheck-julia!!


Update: On MELPA now!


No Emacs users, maybe everyone is at JuliaCon? Someone should start a poll on editor usage for Julia.

Generally I am using Emacs with the exception of Juno for Julia. Maybe I should try switching :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am a pretty big sucker for auto-complete …

Check your likes. I for one am going to grab this now. I had a much more primitive version in my init.el, but I like that this sets up a linting server.

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I’m very much an Emacs user (from the days of the original Tops-20 TECO based Emacs!)
Like you suspected, we’re all at JuliaCon :wink:

Emacs user, not at JuliaCon. Will try this now! :blush:

EDIT: Maybe this is an issue with flycheck or my setup, but it seems to spend a fair amount of time blocking whenever it runs. I don’t know if this is normal, I haven’t used flycheck before (I use jedi for Python), but it’s a real nuisance that there is that little bit of delay every few seconds.

Emacs user here (so much that I wrote julia-repl). I gave a like above, but will defer trying flycheck-julia until I am a bit less busy. Lack of immediate feedback probably means that people are are JuliaCon, busy with something else, or are working on perfecting their init.el :slight_smile:

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I am using ESS, is it possible to use julia-repl from ESS or do I have to use julia-mode directly?

You have to use julia-mode.

The only advantage of julia-repl is terminal-dependent libraries — ESS uses comint, which does not provide a terminal. Gallium was the original motivation for writing it, but while that is not working, you gain little over ESS.

Oooooh! I’ve got to try that out (maybe tonight, after fun poster session and drinking with lots of really great Julians - who needs sleep?)

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Update: Finally on MELPA as flycheck-julia!


I am trying to get the unit tests to work, solutions are welcome:

This one works just fine when I run the inner part (with-temp-buffer ...) interactively when the server is already running: https://github.com/gdkrmr/flycheck-julia/blob/dev/test/flycheck-julia-test.el#L67 but fails when I do make test, see here for the failed test: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence