ANN: Documenter 0.27

Documenter versions 0.27.6 - 0.27.11 have been released. Some highlights:

  • Code blocks now have a copy button in the top right corner.
  • Documenter now creates and maintains a top-level index.html file that redirects to the latest release (you might have noticed in the past that e.g. would give 404, and you would need to append /dev or v1.2.3 to reach the docs).
  • The strict keyword argument to makedocs now accept symbols to be more selective about what type of build errors should result in “hard errors”.
  • Documenter now tries to figure out the default branch name (master/main) and for standard setups it shouldn’t be necessary to specify the devbranch keyword argument to deploydocs.
  • Better stacktrace information for failed doctest.

See for full details.