Dev version of Documenter.jl on GitHub Actions

I installed an unreleased version of Documenter in a package’s docs/Project.toml (docs/Manifest.toml is committed).

Local docs build works.

But, on github, julia-actions/julia-docdeploy gives:

ERROR: expected package `Documenter [e30172f5]` to exist at path `/home/runner/.julia/packages/Documenter/4bxAC`

This is when it runs sth like julia --project=docs -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.develop(PackageSpec(path=pwd())); Pkg.instantiate()').

What am I doing wrong?

Solution was to add a custom run step, with Pkg.instantiate(), before julia-docdeploy:

Thanks @Mark_Nahabedian in the slack for the help!

If you are committing the manifest I would suggest just Pkg.develop your own package there too, using a relative path. This lets you only intantiate on CI (i.e. no develop there).

Yes I agree (my package is already relative / dev’ed in docs/Manifest.toml)

It’s the ‘docdeploy’ GitHub Action that internally does the (superfluous) Pkg.develop.

The docdeploy action has a install-package = false option; but setting that didn’t help this issue iirc.