Status of Dash.jl

Anyone knows the status of Dash.jl compared to the python version of it? The docs on the website often refer to python. Does Dash.jl only contain a subset of the python implementation or are the docs for the julia version just behind?

Not sure about the subset question, but agree the official docs are behind. Looks like there have been some regular-ish commits to the Dash.jl repo.
Also of possible interest is this blog post: Make beautiful web apps with... Dash.jl - Julia Community 🟣


I am the author of the blog post quoted by @jd-foster (Thanks for that). I don’t know if the features implemented in Dash.jl are on par with the Python version. However, I have always been able to develop my apps using it. If you have already developed apps using Python Dash, it would be easy to translate them using Dash.jl. Finally, you can have a look at DashBootstrapComponents.jl which provides a curated list of UI components.


Hi, yes unfortunately Dash.jl has not been able to keep up with the recent additions in the python version of dash.

As a rule of thumb, all the features of python dash v1.x have made their way to Dash.jl while the v2.x features (e.g. long aka background callbacks, the pages abstraction, Patch object updates) are not supported in Dash.jl.

I just opened Write (python) dash vs Dash.jl feature comparison table · Issue #200 · plotly/Dash.jl · GitHub if anyone seeing this would like to contribute to Dash.jl.