[ANN] "Claves para programar en Julia"

Hi all! As a complement to the very basic guide in Spanish “Programación básica con Julia”, I have recently published “Claves para programar en Julia”:


It is made in the same fashion as the previous guide, but it goes into not-so-basic while key concepts of Julia, like making custom types, projects, modules, packages…, and even a bit on metaprogramming, optimization and (very superficially) multi-threading.

The source of both guides is in the same repository, and of course any suggestions are welcome:

I hope that this tiny contribution helps to wider cross-cultural adoption of this wonderful language.

¡Espero que les guste! :wink:


Thank,you. I have completed the read, and it is a great reading! It is very informative. I have only a few suggestions: in Threads part, tell about —t auto, and I have found few errata, I will check them and send to you.

Muchas gracias por el curro :wink: