"Julia language: a concise tutorial" updated for Julia 1.0

Hello, just to announce that my “Julia concise tutorial” has been completely revised and updated for Julia 1.0.

It includes the core language features and a few packages I use most:

Language core

Useful packages

I am currently using GitBook, but as the “new” GitBook is not really the optimal solution, if someone has suggestions how to publish a git- and markdown-based tutorial is welcome…


Optionally Literate.jl to generate the .md files for marked up .jl, then Documenter.jl directly to HTML or via mkdocs to other formats?

I read several doc, some common doubts among them:

in section “data type”, why there is usually no "variable declaration " part?
in Section “control flow”, why there is no “expression, compound sentence”?

so after finish reading a book, there is still no idea how to organize a program.


Nice! Any chance of getting a PDF version?

There is a link to the pdf in the “Latest version” section.

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