JuliaUserGroupMunich: Fall-in-love-with-julia 101 on Meta Programming

Join us on :spiral_calendar: Monday 5. December 2022 :clock630: 18:30 CET
organized via meetup

Fall in love with Julia: Meta Programming 101

Meta programming is one of those dark magics that lets you walk on water but can also drive you insane. Use it with caution. In this beginner tutorial you are going to learn the first steps and precautions.

We will go through different levels of metaprogramming, starting with eval, moving on to macros, then generated functions and finally packages like Cassette.jl and IRTools.jl.

As usual in this series, you will get a beginner-friendly hands-on experience using a Jupyter-Notebook, with which you can try out meta programming yourself and also experiment further afterwards. The material will be made available at the github repository GitHub - jolin-io/fall-in-love-with-julia: An introductory 101 series to get to know the power of Julialang

You do not need to prepare anything.
Looking forward to see you all!

Spread the news and invite everyone to this Julia 101!
It is going to be online, so everyone from everywhere is welcome.

Stephan Sahm

Founder of Jolin.io consultancy

P.S.: The link to the online tool will be made available 10 min before the actual start. Please join 5 min ahead, the session is going to start on-time, 18:30 CET.


In a few minutes we are going to start.

Here the link to our microsoft teams session

Is there a recording?


latest on Thursday I will find time cutting it and will upload it to youtube.



The recording is uploaded