An animal for Julia?

The mascot shoudl be a cuddly animal… remember that Linux began the Linux project as a vehicle for selling millions of plush Tux mascots. He gets a royalty from every one (*)
Consideration should be given to a mascot’s suitability for stickers and plush toys.

(*) Obv disclaimer - no he doesn’t


+1 for hummingbird for exactly these reasons. If any artists want inspiration, check out how Disney stylized hummingbirds in 1947. They reappear a few minutes later but get interrupted … :slight_smile:

BTW, if there are any Swedes here who think they know this cartoon by heart (Swedish television has broadcast it on Christmas Eve every year since 1960), check out the surprise coda in the uncensored version!

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I’m wondering whether there’s a cute Julia set that could be worked into the logo. There are so many pretty looking shapes available out there, that one might be worked into the cuddly animal.

BTW, I find the Juliax cutest.

Through the absolute weirdest coincidence, earlier today, while googling for something Julia lang, Google brought some results about a Julia butterfly! That was surprising. But then I see this thread! It’s gotta be destiny!!!1!!

Anyway, the butterfly is quite pretty and we could easily put the dots on the wings.

If you google “Julia butterfly” beware, there’s also a lady called exactly that - she lives in a tree or something, a bit of a looney internet celebrity. Better to use this link if you want to read about it (about the butterfly, not the lady, I wouldn’t want the lady as our mascot):

The actual name of the butterfly is Julia Heliconian or Dryas iulia


Wow, I guess this precludes the butterfly mascot :laughing:

Once upon a time, if you googled “Julia” the top hit was “Julia Roberts”, so there’s always hope.


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Let’s try to keep it respectful, folks.


The problem with this butterfly is that it’s called Dryas iulia, not julia. I’ve worked with them in the past, not very remarkable butterflies, to be honest. Very common and widespread, though.

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Tomāto Tomäto :slight_smile:

Kidding aside, I think that “the Julia butterfly” is nice, I wouldn’t use the scientific name. It seems to be the common name, per the all mighty wisdom of the Internets:

Dryas iulia (often incorrectly spelled julia), commonly called the Julia butterfly, Julia heliconian, the flame, or flambeau…

The beautiful Julia Heliconian butterfly ( Dryas iulia) has bright orange color with a narrow black border on the hindwing

Julia Heliconian (Dryas iulia). This graceful orange southern beauty

The Julia Heliconian (Dryas julia) (sometimes the scientific name is given as D. iulia as well) is a butterfly of south Florida


A Wolpertinger, it can only be a Wolpertinger!!!


Just a thought: many flying insects have ocelli, simple eyes that look a lot like the three Julia dots. Just look at all these options! Might make the adoption of any bees, ants, wasps, flies, dragonflies, and grasshoppers easier…

An image in this page is almost the Julia logo: X-ray vision | Laboratory News


Since there was talk of mythical horses I feel one should mention Odin’s eight-legged horse (and Loki’s child) Sleipnir, described as the best and fastest of all.
Not exactly cute, though.


Bayern braucht Wolpertinger wie Wolpertinger Bayern!

Great idea.

Julia is the fastest language nowadays, so let’s go with a cheetah

First draft :

julia logo w animal

We even got a rhyme cheetah/julia
Easy to pronounce, easy to remember

Another thing that’s essential for a mascot is the ability to put costumes on it:

// how else are you going to know what month it is outside?

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How about a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus)? They are even faster than cheetahs! and they are also cosmopolitans, living all around the world, just like Julians. :wink:


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Not an animal, but there has been Julia-tan for a while, this character is ideal for costumes! :stuck_out_tongue: