AkazeFeatures.jl is a pure Julia port of the original AKAZE image feature extractor. The original code was made in C++, and is available in OpenCV.

I have only recently managed to closely reproduce all feature and descriptor parameters produced by the original code, and put it all into an installable package. The output produced right now should be already usable to develop image matching applications. There is only one kind of descriptor available for now, while the original library offers more. There is nothing related to matching or reconstruction implemented here, although I plan to work on this in the future and would like to find more people interested in doing geometric computer vision in Julia.

The project still misses some obvious important things such as tests and documentation. Please try to avoid filing a GitHub issue asking for tests or documentation. This should be treated as experimental code that Iā€™m sharing in an early state of development to gather feedback from interested people. Do you find that pointing out the absence of tests to someone completely aware and upset by it really is a constructive act? Pull requests of all kinds are very welcome, though.