ImageView.jl: Visualization and Analysis of Images


ImageView.jl is a Julia package designed for efficient and flexible image visualization.


  • Rubberband selection to view a specific region of interest using ctrl-click with drag on ROI. It makes visualization of ROI a lot easier. In bottom left based on mouse location, shows pixel indices and its color.
  • Movies/3D/4D are opened in Player Widget which can show each image such that it can be looked at individually and is playable. For MRI images, it’s helpful to visualize the MRI image in various planes which is possible with ImageView.jl. Also brightness/contrast can be adjusted using the GUI with right click on the image.
  • Multiple images can be placed in the same windows using imshow_gui.
  • Support for annotations to the images(currently text, points, and lines). Anchored and floating type annotations are available. Anchored annotation are tied to a certain pixel location while floating are displayed at same position even if zoom or pan is done. Anchored annotations are best for labeling particular features in the image, and floating annotations are best for things like scalebars.


julia> using ImageView, TestImages

julia> img = testimage("mri")

julia> imshow(img)

julia> imshow(img, axes=(:S, :P), flipy=true)  # a sagittal plane (Superior, Posterior)


Repository Link: GitHub - JuliaImages/ImageView.jl: Interactive display of images and movies
Documentation/More details:

We welcome new contributors to help improve the package. As you might have noticed, there is a need for extensive documentation for an amazing tool like ImageView.jl.


ImageView.jl v0.11.6 is out

  • In last few releases, bunch of bugs have been fixed and precompilation support is added. If you use ImageView.jl, do let us know what are the areas that are of interest and it would be great to see more contributors to make ImageView.jl even better!!
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