Advent of Code 2019

Hello everyone,

I created a repository on Github for Advent of Code 2019.

I solved the Day One puzzle today. However being in grad school, so I might not have time to solve every problem myself. It would be great if other people could contribute to this repository throughout the month!

Feel free to fork it and contribute your own more efficient or robust solutions.




Here is my repo

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Holy crap, is it already December again?


My solutions:

Here’s me:

Whoa, that Day 4 is pretty impressive.


Here’s mine (as a Jupyter notebook). Upto Day 10 currently. Would highly appreciate feedback on code!

Advent of Code always manages to shake up my routine, but I think I’ve overengineered the Intcode interpreter…

Be forewarned, I missed two days and got into a mess last night :sweat_smile:

Somebody posted an article in Japanese about my package Grassmann.jl for Advent 2019

here is an english translation:
今年のプレゼントは、Grassmann.jl パッケージです。これを用いて、Juliaを外積代数の電卓にしましょう。外積代数を用いると、多次元空間の量を首尾よく記述できます。

This is the 10th day of Julia Advent Calendar 2019 .

This year’s gift is the Grassmann.jl package. Use this to make Julia an outer product algebra calculator. Using outer product algebra, you can successfully describe the amount of multidimensional space.

If somebody is up for a challenge, they can translate this article and contribute it to the docs as tutorial.

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Better late than never… (currently up to day 9)


Probably too late to party, but here is mine

And if you aren’t there already, send PR to this repo which is aggregate of repos with AoC solutions