Advent of code 2018

Can someone start a Julia discourse private leader board? I already set up one for the Sydney Competitive Programming so I can’t do set up another!

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@SaschaMann shared his private leader board on slack, I don’t know if that is meant as a general Julia leader board. Otherwise we can of course use mine.

Yeah, it was meant as a general Julia board. 213962-a8828aa0 is the access code.


Thanks, just joined. Currently coming first :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the link.
Advent of code is great! I just learned that do creates an anonymous function…
I had used a do inside of a function, and I had been wondering why return was acting weird…
Turns out, return only returns from the innermost anonymous function created by do.
I thought I had progressed past return in julia, but it looks like I had skipped something.