Advent of Code 2017

I’m curious if anyone else is doing Advent of Code 2017 in Julia. If so it would be interesting to compare approaches! :slight_smile:

I did a few problems from AoC 2016 and it was useful as a source of (small, simple) problems to learn some basics of Julia.


I am too. I did 2016 fully on Julia also.

Very interesting competition, thank you. For me problem now that Julia is too powerful, so these tasks can be easily solved with brute force without much thinking and optimization :slight_smile:

The last problems usually can’t be done with simple brute force. But if you still feel like it’s too easy, then I recommend trying to get the high scores.


I created a private leaderboard, code 191838-201bb994 if anyone wants to join that :slight_smile:

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Me too. I’m not particularly proud of all my code but it’s a fun diversion. I’m curious what other people came up with for day 8; seems like a place where many features of julia can really shine (metaprogramming, generic functions, interfaces) but I found it to be surprisingly tricky to get the syntax right for building expressions with :() and ended up just using Expr everywhere:

Here is my day 8:

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I really like, how new puzzles force you to use knowledge from previous days! Day 16 is a real great example of that.

By the way, does anybody know, is there any specific name for problem in Day 13? I mean Day 12 for example about graphs and DFS algorithms, and Day 11 about measure metric on hex grid. But Day 13 is a mystery for me, but I have a feeling that it is a known problem in computer science.

My congratulations to everyone participating! It was really fun and challenging!