Accessibility tools for visually impaired using Juno?

Does anyone have experience with using Juno and screen reader software?

I have a coworker who needs such software and am wondering how they perform with Atom/Juno and with the LaTeX extension characters. How do they read things like for x ∈ y ?

Alternatively, if you know that VS_Code works better, that would be good to know.

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Atom in general doesn’t have good support for screenreaders or other accessibility tools and it’s not at all a priority to work on those.
AFAIK VSCode is doing much better in that department, at least from the code I’ve seen (never tried it with a screenreader myself).


I would actually welcome any feedback on how the accessibility tools work (or don’t) with VS Code and then Julia extension in particular. If there are things we can improve on that front it would be great.