A tip and a question about Juno's slow typing experience due to auto-completion (on less powerful machines)

My issued work laptop is unfortunately not powerful: i7-6600U @ 2.6 GHz, with 16GB RAM.

I enjoy Juno’s many IDE features, but Juno is slower compared to VS Code (let alone Sublime Text). Usually I can tolerate that for the features. However, for a large script file the typing can be extremely slow: on a new line I type something and need to wait for 2-4 seconds for the text with the auto-completion suggestions to show up. (Here’s an example of what I mean as a large script: 2,000 lines of code in the script; using custom modules with a couple thousand lines of code; using about ten other modules.)

My guess is the auto-completion is the cause of this sluggish experience. For a small script the algorithm only needs to search a small database; for a large script with custom modules the search would be harder and taking longer.

A tip: many probably already heard about TabNine, the all-language auto-complete tool. Some love it and some dislike it. For me, it seems a bit too heavy and unnecessary when the language-specific auto-complete works well. However, in Juno’s case, I found that if I install and enable TabNine, the typing experience becomes tolerable (response in less than a second) even in the large script I mentioned.

A question though: TabNine overrides Juno’s own auto-completion, so I wouldn’t see language-specific auto-completion suggestions anymore, e.g. the parameter prompt when I type in a function name and “(”. Is there any trick/tip to make Juno’s own auto-completion faster? If so, I’d still prefer Juno’s own.