A “Gallery” of fractal rendered mainly with Julia

As I mentioned before, Julia has some natural advantages to create fractals and the site below has a collection. And some codes are shared

However, I think the codes shared on the webpages are just for temporary usage. It is maybe cleverer to use Makie.jl ecosystem to utilize GPU and make some new functions to create a variety of plots and animations for Dynamical systems. Likely I would like the new program to support the output from DifferentialEquations.jl. But since I have also written some numerical comp code in pure Julia, the new functions may not need other computing packages as prerequisites.

Because I want the animations to be calculated and rendered faster. And it would also be great if I can set the theme to follow one certain aesthetic

There are some new plot types to consider.

If you have any suggestions to what should be considered next, plz comment


Problems still exist: like how to create vector fields quickly in Makie. How to make Streamplots, Cobwebs run fast in the functions. Will get to this when I get used to Makie


Some trippy videos for sure! I’d suggest having a few screenshots on your website too, it’d look nice (and people like me who block videos by default would still see something).

Other small note, you might want to render code blocks as code blocks on your page, it would look nicer :slight_smile:


You might enjoy the recent discussion Julia sets in Julia, using Interact.jl - I'd like to get it faster


thx for the suggestion!

Yes and I’ll maybe put the corresponding code in a code block. some animations still take long to run though