Animation Rendering Package

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Julia language and I need one specific type of package.

I use programming to visualize mathematical stuff (fractals, complex behaviors etc) and for a while I used Processing language (Java based) to do it, but now I need an upgrade to a more formal language.

In Processing there is a canvas where you can draw on and make animations with code, like squares moving and coliding (not the most creative example). But in Julia I can’t find any package that makes a window to pop-up and show animations that can be interacted with.

Any ideas?

I’m trying GLFW but doesn’t have any tools to draw on the screen.

Thank you!

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If you want a separate window and fast plots, you can try Makie.jl.
See also the Animation and Interaction sections in the documentation.

If you just want zoom-able plots, you can also consider some of the backends of Plots, like
Plotly, VegaLite or Gadfly. But if your content is less static and if you want to show animations, Makie is probably better.

Since you are new to Julia, be aware that Julia is in general very fast, but the startup is slow. There is the famous time to first plot topic, which means that from opening Julia to seeing the first plot it can take almost 30 seconds. But after the initial plot, the rest is fast :slight_smile: And Julia is very well suited for all kind of mathematics!