3D Mandelbrot Set visualization

May be a little off topic, but I saw this beautiful video https://youtu.be/ovJcsL7vyrk?t=406 and was wondering, is it possible to draw something like this in Julia? May be in Makie or some other package.

And I have second question: at this time frame he demonstrate some charts, may be someone knows what colour theme it is? I really liked combination of the colour of the background and line itself, not too light, not too dark.


Check https://github.com/chakravala/Fatou.jl
The color theme should be easy to pick out manually and pass to any plotting package.


Yes, I saw Fatou, it looks beautiful, but it’s 2d only or am I wrong?

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Ok, it turns out that there is a package where all of this plots were generated and color scheme is custom and can be found in sources. As for the mandelbrot set author used python package VisPy, I wonder is there anything like that in Julia?


Yes, it’s 2D only, but I plan to extend it to higher dimensions at some point with Grassmann.jl algebra instead of using only the complex numbers. It’s not high on my list of priorities, but planned.


Good to know! Will be waiting for updates.