A few intermediate Julia tutorials

Lately I’ve been writing some Julia tutorials over the weekends to keep my coding skills up. I thought I’d share the repo as it stands today in case anybody’s interested: https://github.com/johnmyleswhite/julia_tutorials

The tutorials are generally targeted at intermediate users of Julia.


Thank you, they are nice!


The Macro tutorials seem very nice! I have no background in other ‘hardcore’ programming languages, so a lot of the finer details that the docs and tutorials take for granted are hard for me to understand. Thanks!

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You are blessed. I’ve used C++ for ‘hardcore’ work (and still use it, a bit) and its macro and other metaprogramming functionalities are very lacking. For example, it cannot have proper code evaluation feature (eval(string) in Julia).
@johnmyleswhite thanks for explaining that part, very well written!

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