Brief Introduction to Julia Metaprogramming, Macros, and Generated Functions

Hello Julia Community,

I am happy to share a IJulia notebook describing Julia Metaprogramming, Macros, and Generated functions for people new to Julia like myself.

the notebook and associated figures can be found here:

Happy Coding,



Just an idea: you could use GitHub - JuliaTeX/TreeView.jl: Draw Julia syntax trees as a graph to visualize the expressions instead of having static .pngs.


@tkoolen I am unfamiliar with the TreeView.jl, but always looking to learn. Appreciate the reference. I will have a look.

Thanks for this, it is really useful for beginners! I’ve never done any macro magic in Julia, because it sounds super esoteric to me, but reading your notebook really clarified a lot of stuff. I probably won’t be able to create macros still, but the concepts ant their meaning and certainly clearer.

Nice! That’s a good introduction for macros for newbies like me imho. :slight_smile: