To promote Julia, show scientific work already done

First introduction. I want to give a talk promoting Julia at my university in Poland. My country is a place, where everyone talk about modernization, new approaches, using most modern method, etc., but in reality hardly anyone adopt anything up to date. My college with do numerical computation in C and Fortran already say that he don’t like syntax (probably not C-like) and don’t know if it is worth to told students about it.

Thinking how I can soften this wall of suspicion, benchmarks is not enough, we poles are very suspicious people, I found one solution that can really work: show my colleges that already scientific work is already done using Julia and real papers are published in well respected journals. I try to Google if any base of such Julia using scientific papers is available and don’t find it.

Does I miss any such database? If not, can I ask you for helping in collecting some information about it? Like scientific groups using Julia, published (arXiv or not) papers already published, which use Julia, etc.? These may be even not so bad idea, to put some statistics of that on, but making something like that is far beyond me.

Nevertheless @StefanKarpinski said that on should be site

“This” is award for JuliaDynamics


Many my best colleagues work in general relativity, solving PDE for classical field theory, like \phi^{ 4 } theory or do Monte Carlo for quantum theory. Any example from that will be specially valuable.

Not sure if you are aware of this, but there is a list of publications available at Research


Thank you for pointing my ignorance. I was aware of this page, but have wrong impression that it contains only publications about developing Julia core. Not the first time I miss something like that.

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The best list of institutions and companies (mostly companies) using Julia is probably on the home page of Julia Computing

Also this Forbes article looks nice

If you haven’t seen QuantumOptics.jl its some good stuff.

I know of a lot of astrophysics going on in Julia, but haven’t heard of someone specifically doing GR yet.

And I think that any hardcore computing group should be shown Celeste’s result.

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