How to cite Julia in publications?

What is the proper citation for Julia itself? Or one of the foundational articles?


I think that is a good one to cite.


Okay. How about if I wanted to direct the reader to the actual programming language? How does this look to you?

Oh man, the link from your paper to the SIAM website is already broken. How ephemeral the URLs are!

Interestingly, that link (on my browser/PDF viewer) points to rather than I wonder if this is a mistake in the original LaTeX to PDF conversion…

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Or, would you prefer I credit BEKS instead of “the Julia development team”?

The preferred citation and bibtex entry is as follows. Citing this greatly helps with funding agencies as the Julia Lab writes grant proposals etc.

  title={Julia: A fresh approach to numerical computing},
  author={Bezanson, Jeff and Edelman, Alan and Karpinski, Stefan and Shah, Viral B},
  journal={SIAM review},

In addition, if you want to point the readers to download Julia, you can link the URL to and credit it to “The Julia Project”.


And how should we cite Julia’s packages?
For example MixedModels.jl?

Relevant proposal

There should be a CITATION.bib in the top package folder. Otherwise search the documentation. If there is no paper to cite, cite it with URL.


Some packages use Zenodo for this. It’s been added recently to GLM, so you could file an issue to enable it for MixedModels too.

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Link is broken.

@viralbshah since you deleted the file.

The PDF is available at Research, together with the link to article published in the journal

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I deleted my message to avoid the broken link. Unfortunately that experiment did not pan out - but google scholar and everyone gives you the standard citation bib. So, shouldn’t be a problem.