404 link for a graphs talk

Great! If only all the sessions worked too, how great a conference it would be! I tried accessing the Graphs talk earlier and got a 404 error. Because I know you guys are doing your best, I decided not to mention this to anyone else. All the best with the conference!


Feel free to send the link that 404’s. As you mentioned, there are about a million moving pieces right now but if issues come up, please send them to us!

I can’t find it. I presume the talk was canceled or something since it’s no longer on the agenda. Hopefully the rest of the conference will go on without any such issues.

All the best,

Got it, I can almost guarantee there will be more issues as we are mere humans, but do let us know if you see things which are broken so we can fix them quickly!

That talk was unfortunately cancelled.

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I get that you guys are doing your best at a hard job. I’m very excited that juliaCon is underway. Kudos to the organizers! One piece of feedback for next year would be to insure that there’s a mechanism for marking cancelled talks as such on the schedule, rather than just removing them from the schedule and having links go dead. After getting a 404 for the Diffractor workshop yesterday I had to go to Keno’s twitter to confirm that it was cancelled and that I wasn’t just seeing a glitch with the website.