Canceled JuliaCon talks

Is there a location where I can see all JuliaCon talks, included canceled ones? I could swear there was a talk called “Graph Algorithms in SuiteSparseGraphBLAS.jl” but I can not seem to find it anymore in the schedule.

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I’m not sure about the one you mention, but the talks are on the youtube page of the Julia language

I do not think canceled talks show up on that page. Nor are they on the conference schedule. So now I am a bit unsure whether the talk was canceled or whether I am simply losing my hold on reality.

You might be able to find some of them via

From the top of my head, I think that the task was supposed to be given by @Wimmerer .

FWIW, SuiteSparseGraphBLAS.jl: An Introduction |


There is a changelog for the schedule


Yep that’s me. It will be posted at a later date (with another presenter joining me). I was sick unfortunately, should see that posted in the next couple weeks (either on the JuliaLang channel or on my own, in which case I’ll post it here).