0.7 ] How to list available packages

I just downloaded and built Julia 0.7

I cant figure out how to get the new package manager ] to list available packages? (I was able to install PyPlot and FFTW, but I know those names by heart).

I’ve looked through the Registry.toml file in …/jula/registries/General, but is there a way to browse that through ] ?



I would expect there to be a “list” or “dir” command in the pkg repl, but there isn’t one listed.

shouldn’t there be such a command ?

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Tab completion on add can be used for some sort of exploration eg ] add Ex<tab><tab>. We could make more info like this available from the package manager, of course, but perhaps something like https://juliaobserver.com provides a better interface than a terminal can.

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I realize that 1.0 is out less than a day, but I’m guessing a lot more people are going to ask about a “list” function.

I guess what I’m asking for is some sort of terminal Registry browser (i.e. the ability to list the packages in a registry, search by keyword, print out the description, stuff like that).

for example, I have used the smoothing splines from Dierckx.jl, but I always forget that name, so assuming the General/D/Dierckx/Package.toml gets filled out with a description and keywords, presumably if I used pgk3 ] search on the packages in General for “splines” I would get a hit on Dierckx, and then I could add that package.

or maybe i’m just old, and should just use the web…

i’m excited about 1.0!!!