Documentation List of Packages . Wher is list of them?

Existing list o pacakges is not usefull .

Where is full list of them ? i.e. alfabetical ?

Thanks Paul

Please respect the members of this forum by making at least a minimal effort to ask clear questions.

How is this interface not useful for you? In what way could it be improved?

The full list of (registered) packages is not something one would display on a single page meant for human consumption, as there are thousands of them.

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How to fond all ploting pacakges?
serching (top right) “Winston” > result is empty
checked plot (left filter) > no Winston
Is not easy to find.
Pdf file with all packeges with description is for me useful .

I can find Winston just fine. And filtering for the tag “plotting” shows the plotting packages.

I am assuming that the problem is on your end (misspelling, disabled JS in browser, etc).

I guess an answer to this question is that Julia is a programming language. Not a boxed set of tools such as Matlab.
Individuals and companies may create their own Julia modules and not register them.
Or, they can produce a registered package which should appear on the list.

The Julia ecosystem is quite liberal. There are well used and well maintained packages. However there are no ‘blessed’ packages, unless you go with JuliaPro.
I absolutely stand to be corrected here.

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Just list of registered packages , please :slight_smile:

Note the tabs. Perhaps that would explain why you couldn’t find it?

Registered packages with General are available at the registry repository.

I would like to review packages and analyze what to expect using Julia. How to do it ? 2 years ago I could do it on the html page. Today I don’t know how. It is problematic to recommend Julia to another person who ask : what is posible in this soft ?

Big Thx :slight_smile:
W dniu 2019-10-30 o 18:57, José Bayoán Santiago Calderón via JuliaLang

If you use the search box on the top-right, it looks like you don’t get any results.

Of course, one should use the search of the left to search for packages. But I have been bitten by this as well in the past, quickly putting a package name into the “obvious” search box on the top-right (not noticing / forgetting about the one on the left) and then not getting any results. As it seems it is not only me, it might be worth considering combining the search boxes to improve the UX there.