zyth0s/SciAlgs.jl: fundamental scientific algorithms in Julia

I wanted to share a repository which I found by chance, made by GitHub user zyth0s. I asked the author to share it on Discourse, and they will maybe join us here.

It’s not really a package, but a collection of algorithms used in physics, chemistry, astronomy, epidemiology and statistics. The Julia implementations are original work of the author.

It’s definitely worth a look, so you may be interested to explore it.


Hi, I am the author behind SciAlgs.jl. I would like to thank Zlatan for sharing my work with the community. I really enjoyed doing simulations with Julia, and I keep a high interest in learning more
about the language and the community.

The algorithms in SciAlgs.jl are not for production, they are more intended to explore physical concepts or be basic implementations of algorithms that are available in standalone libraries. Julia has become my main language for simulation scripts, so I hope to continue contributing with new code.

Now that you know where to find me, I am open for discussions or suggestions. I will be around.